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Current Research Activities
Auditory Biofeedback study for native speakers of English
Tasks: you will be asked to listen audio recordings by a range of English speakers while several sensors are attached to your fingers. You will also be asked to complete a few short personality questionnaires. Location: Strathcona Building (opposite to Ashley Building), Room 103, UoB (the building and space meet the current health & safety requirements). Reimbursement: you will receive a £10 Amazon voucher after the experiment is completed. Contact: please email if you have any questions.
We are looking for native speakers of British English who are between 18 and 50 years old and who talk to foreigners at least once a month. If you are taught by academics who aren't British, you qualify!
Eye-Tracking Study for native speakers of English, Arabic or Chinese
Tasks: You will be asked to read short texts on a computer screen while we record your eye movements. We will also ask you to complete a few visual tasks and fill out a brief questionnaire about your reading habits. Location: Strathcona, UoB. Reimbursement: you will receive a £15 or £20 Amazon voucher after the experiment is completed, depending on the duration of the session. We expect it to take 1.5 hours for English and Arabic participants, and 2 hours for Chinese participants (who have one additional task to complete). Contact: please email Daisy Collins or Celia He for more information.
We are looking for native speakers of English, Chinese or Arabic who are at least 18 years old and who have normal or corrected-to-normal vision. Arabic or Chinese participants should have taken the IELTS exam in the last 2 years.
Past Research Activities