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Current Research Activities
Adult learners of English
We are currently looking for participants for our new study. In this study, we explore new ways to teach English to foreign adult learners. If you speak enough English to get around but are interested in improving your English further, you are definitely the one we are looking for! In this particular study, you will be taught how to use articles (the, a/an and the mysterious zero/null article!) in new and innovative ways. Most of the study will happen online but you might be invited to join us on campus (in a covid-safe environment) in Birmingham for a couple of hours.
You must be an adult learner of English who speaks enough English to get around.
Eligibility to win a £50 voucher
Online and maybe Birmigham campus
Recruiting native speakers of Polish for study on English
The study involves an online session (1.5 hours) which can be completed at home and an in-lab session (2.5 hours) for which you need to come to campus. Online session: you will complete a series of tasks that test your knowledge of English and fill out questionnaires about your language learning experience and your personality. You will also do a series of cognitive tasks that test your language learning abilities. In-lab session: you will read passages and listen to audio recordings while we record the movements of your eyes with an eye-tracker. You will also do a series of cognitive tasks that test your language learning abilities.
We are looking for adult Polish speakers (18 years old and above) whose spoken English is good enough to live in the UK. It does not matter whether you learned English mostly upon arriving in the UK, or had already studied English (in English classes at school or elsewhere) prior to coming to the UK. After signing up through the link below, you will be contacted to arrange a time that suits you.
You will receive a £40 Amazon voucher at the end of the study.
Strathcona Building, University of Birmingham (the building and space meet the current health & safety requirements).
Past Research Activities