Mrs Marta Gasiorowska

Mrs Marta Gasiorowska
Mrs Marta Gasiorowska is Postgraduate Researcher in Linguistics at University of Birmingham and part of PhD Students for Out Of Our Minds

Marta Gasiorowska is a PhD candidate in linguistics and a recipient of Doctoral Scholarship awarded by the Leverhulme Trust for the “Out of Our Minds” Research Project.

Marta holds a First-Class Honours Bachelor’s degree in English and Philosophy and a First-Class Honours Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics, both awarded by University College Dublin.

Marta’s research interest pertains to second language acquisition in adults, TESOL, EAP and language assessment. She is interested in researching and validating innovative and organic ways of foreign language teaching which can translate into new ways of foreign language instruction and transform (often negative) attitudes and convictions associated with foreign language learning.

She is a firm believer in the words of Wolfgang von Goethe, “[t]hose who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.”